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Monday to Friday, Adam Crigler broadcasts live to talk about what's currently spinning the world. A relaxed show about current events, society, and space—with sporadic guest interviews and Friday night jams featuring Adam's original music.

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  1. 268 - Justice for Jan 6th, Rogan Vs Gupta, Takei vs Shatner, Tom Macdonald

    Segment sources and links can be found here: ...


  2. 267 - Netflix The Closer Rage, Fake Presidency, Captain Kirk the Rocket Man

    The liberal left is throwing their hands up in dismay per usual, this time because of Dave Chappelle's final Netflix special. Kamala Harris is taking heat for a ridiculously fake video and William Shatner goes to space. ...


  3. 266 - Loudoun BombShell, Mandate lies, Food Shortage/Inflation

    Alex joins me to discuss today's current events, including a major development in Loudoun County, more spin from the White House and conversation concerning our food supply. https:/ ...


  4. 265 - New Studio, SouthWest Airline Strike, Cali's Gender Neutral toys, Enceladus

    Pilots for Southwest Airlines stand up for their freedom while parents in California struggle to maintain their own. One of Saturn's moons continues to present potential for life. ...


  5. 263 - Interview with Malcolm Flex

    Follow Malcolm Flex here: ...